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Rates & Charges

Administration & Other Charges

Brokerage Services

Government Charges
Stamp Duty
- UK Registered stocks purchases only†† 0.5% of transaction value
- Irish Registered stocks purchases only 1% of transaction value
Panel on Takeovers and Mergers (PTM) Levy
- UK
Flat charge of £1 on all transactions over £10,000
Irish Takeover Panel (ITP) Levy Flat charge of €1.25 on all Irish transactions over €12,500
Hong Kong - Equity & Company Warrants.
All transactions subject to:
Transaction Levy of 0.003%,Trading Fee of 0.005% & Stamp Duty of 0.1%
- all transactions are subject to: A Clearing Fee of 0.0325%
- Structured Warrants A Clearing Fee of 0.05% subject to a cap of S$200
French Financial Transaction Tax 0.2% for eligible French stocks with a market capitalisation over €1bil (revalued annually) and for eligible Depository Receipts. Please note that this tax is applied to each individual trade dealt in the eligible stocks

†† This fee is charged in GBP Sterling. Non-CREST eligible and CREST eligible residual stocks are subject to a minimum charge of £5.00, rounded up to the nearest £5.00.

Other Charges
Late Payment €30 + European Central Bank Rate plus 15% on the full amount
Sell Out Execution Fee due to non-payment €60*
Buy Back Execution Fee due to non-delivery of stock €60*
Certificated CREST Rejection Fee €25
Request for Replacement Share Certificate €50 + VAT and any other charges levied by third parties
Registration of Legal Documents (Estates) €50 + VAT
Portfolio valuations (probate/other purposes) €15 + VAT per line of Stock (min. €75 + VAT)
Re-registration of European Securities - stocks listed on European (not including the LSE) Exchanges €50
Re-registration of Asian and Australian Securities - stocks listed on Australia, Hong Kong or Singapore Exchanges €175
Fractional entitlements arising from a Corporate Action up to €7.50
Duplicate documents (including Duplicate 975 Certificate, Consolidated Tax Certificate, Corporate Action Notification, Contract Note) €15 + VAT
Credit of tax adjustments on dividends up to €7.50

* Commission Charges will apply in addition to the Sell Out and Buy Back Execution fees.

Banking Services (all accounts)

Internal Transfers Nil
Unauthorised overdrafts €30 + European Central Bank Rate plus 15% on the full amount

Withdrawal Charges

Sterling (GBP)

Withdrawal options are dependent on whether Faster Payments can be sent to your nominated bank account. If you are not sure whether your bank account is enabled for Faster Payments, please contact your bank.

Withdrawals to Faster Payments enabled account
Standard Bank Transfer FREE
Urgent Bank Transfer (£100,000 and under) £15
Urgent Bank Transfer (over £100,000) £25
Withdrawals to a non Faster Payments enabled account
Urgent Bank Transfer £25
Cross Border withdrawal £25

Euro (EUR)

Urgent Bank Transfer FREE

US Dollar (USD)

Urgent Bank Transfer $48

Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Urgent Bank Transfer $50

Charges are paid at the point of withdrawal
You must ensure that sufficient funds are available to cover the transfer amount and applicable charge.

Brokerage and Banking Services (all accounts)

Post termination of your account dealing with money / investments received into your closed accounts Up to €7.50
Rematerialisation of Nominee Stock €25 per holding
Stop payments on standing orders and Direct Debits €15


Cash Interest rates

Gross Interest Rate Interest calculation and payment
Trading Account, ISA, Regular Investing Account 0%
No interest is paid on cash balances
Interest is calculated on a daily basis and paid or charged quarterly, on or around 25th day of March, June, September and December

When interest is payable the Relevant rate is usually set with reference to a central bank rate and depends on the currency in which you hold cash. The current relevant rates are:

Currency held Relevant base rate of Relevant Rate at 24th August 2016 Our current interest rate (AER)
Sterling (GBP) Bank of England 0.25% 0%
Euro (EUR) European Central Bank -0.40% (negative) 0%
US Dollar (USD) US Federal Bank 0.50% 0%
Canadian Dollar (CAD) Bank of Canada 0.50% 0%
Australian Dollar (AUD) Reserve Bank of Australia 1.50% 0%
Singapore Dollar (SGD) Monetary Authority of Singapore 0.07% 0%
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Hong Kong Monetary Authority 0.75% 0%
Swiss Franc (CHF) Swiss National Bank 0.50% 0%
Swedish Krona (SEK) Sveriges Riksbank -1.25% (negative) 0%

All interest is paid gross of income tax. You are responsible for payment of any income tax that may be due through you self-assessment return.

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  • CAPITAL AT RISK: The value of your investments can go down as well as up. You may not get back all the funds that you invest.
  • INTERNATIONAL TRADING: The potential for profit or loss from transactions on international markets or in foreign denominated currencies will be affected by fluctuations in exchange rates.

The value of your investments can go down as well as up. You may not get back all the funds you invest.

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