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What is International Trading?

Our International Trading service lets you trade online directly on 17 international exchanges in 12 different countries. You can hold cash in 7 major currencies and we also offer real time foreign exchange facilities.

How does International Trading work?

Trading in stocks on international markets with TD Direct Investing uses the same simple process as trading in Irish stocks. When placing a trade using our 'Place an Order' Page in the secure part of our website you would choose which market to invest from and you will be taken through all the relevant options on that page in order to place your trade.

Advantages of International Trading

  • Same commissions as trading on the Irish Market, from just €15.00 online, see our full rates and charges.
  • Trade directly on 3 UK and a further 14 international exchanges, including 5 North American, 6 major European and a further 3 exchanges from the Asia Pacific.
  • Hold 7 major currencies: Euro (EUR), UK Sterling (GBP), Canadian Dollars (CAD) and US Dollars (USD), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), Singapore Dollars ($SGD) and Australian Dollars (AUD).
  • International, UK and local Irish trading consolidated into one account.
  • There is currently no stamp duty on North American and European markets.
  • Extend your trading day beyond Irish market hours.
  • Limit risk with stop loss trading.
  • Develop a geographically diversified portfolio and benefit from countries at different stages of their economic life cycles.
  • International Trading - Markets available and their opening hours

United States Dealing

As part of our obligations to the US Tax Authorities – Internal Revenue Service (IRS) we are required to document all holders of US securities. Additionally, should you reside in a country that has a treaty with the US you may benefit from treaty relief in respect of dividend and interest payments.

If you wish to invest in US (United States) stocks and shares, you will need to complete the appropriate Form W-8, depending on your account type.

For further information and official guidance please visit the website.

Individual / Joint Trading Accounts

W-8BEN form

W-8BEN guidance notes

Which account do I need to trade Internationally?

You can trade on international exchanges with a Trading Account.